by Crowning

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Caldera 01:23
dig for shelter crawl in your hole sundered souls immolate suffocating breath a band of lost soldiers fighting to go home a blackened sky disintegrates the guiding light step into the dragons maw as the devil laughs firestorm reigning down
Airwaves 02:14
Secular Spinoffs, regurgitate the basic form off the silver screen we live art imitating life life imitating art melodramatic episodes this week on life tv the signal fades and so does the days of our lives captured in time(airwaves) like antiquity(airwaves) as we embrace(airwaves) the spectacle(airwaves) this is the end transmission the culture industry manufactures unknowing participants to become conscripts to use for their war on true culture and free living delete/erase everything that you know delete/erase
Ardent 02:38
a streak across the night sky suddenly an impact erupts (return to dust) rebirth from flames rise from the ash this conscious ship that we build our dreams upon (born from dust, return to dust) born from stardust return to stardust Time is eternal when we journey through the stars
tired from the journey the march is long and tiresome endless winter weak and encumbered by the burdens we carry departure from annihilation(by the burdens we carry) kindling civliztions rebirth(Rebirth) dawn of history, invention as idea prelude to catastrophe(endless winter) how can we carry on? Is survival a sickness? can we begin this again? perpetuate the saga?
Maelstrom 02:04
drunk on dreams of empire they colonize existence and the mind set sail another expedition to find another exploitation sails ablaze send their ships away It's our right to belong! send the communique It's our right to belong! withstand the tide head above water a maelstrom of revolt blood and brine (blood! brine!) blood on our hands or theirs! It's our right to belong x2 despite all your tyranny we go on without you! in spite of your sympathy we go on without you!
Vantablack 01:40
Relic 02:29
carry the torch protect its flame against the downpour cast from unenlightened minds we become the vanguard strength through determination our monuments will touch the cosmos we will hold the stars sun and moon in hand liberation from entrapment unshackling human consciousness discontinue this impending doom and breaking ground yet again foster the human legacy liberation from entrapment unshackling human consciousness our monuments will touch the cosmos we will hold the stars
Firmament 02:25
Watchers in the sky like god in disguise they terrorize while we immortalize gods and men Panoptic Enslavement satellites in overwatch luming Weaponized artifacts, god and the divine, pulpit and whip division of control (I can delete, i can erase) fashion your imprisonment nose to the ground body thru the grinder pick your poison (As Above so below) Can't look up to salvation with a boot on your neck


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“Is it really worth starting over? Is survival a sickness?” Chicago five-piece Crowning continue to twist the sickening coil of overdriven emoviolence, steely post-hardcore, and dystopian vision that has become their signature weapon since 2017’s Funeral Designs. “Survival/Sickness” is the first full-length from the band, but the barely 18 minutes tear by in an instant, a panicking rampage of paranoia, prescience, and pummeling mid-range cruelty. A record about relationships defined and constructed by violence and power, “Survival/Sickness” is a testament to the conditions that willed it to be. Ferocity, isolation, and wrath - “blood, and brine.” This is a record for us, not them.



released November 19, 2020

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Pete Grossmann at Bricktop Recording. Album artwork and art direction by Vanessa Valadez.


all rights reserved



Crowning Chicago, Illinois


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